Port-O-Call Hotel - Ocean City, New Jersey

Port-O-Call Hotel - NJ

Port-O-Call Hotel is located in the heart of Ocean City, New Jersey on the south end of the 8 mile stretch of boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean. Known as the “pink” hotel because of its distinct color, Port-O-Call stands out as a welcoming beacon to all that pass. It is a landmark for frequent travelers who visit year-after-year entertaining and accommodating vacationers and business travelers alike since 1966.

Beginning in late 2016, the management of Port-Port-o-call2.pngO-Call became increasingly unhappy with their existing Property Management System (PMS). Faced with outdated functionality and poor customer service, the hotel began a search for a replacement. According to Glenn Losch, General Manager of the hotel, “We wanted a vendor that would provide us with the best customer service.” Losch continued, “We researched every major provider and called their references and found out that Skyware Hospitality Solutions consistently received outstanding reviews from their users.”

With over 100 rooms in various configurations, a restaurant, and meeting facilities, the hotel needed a comprehensive solution to meet their needs. Port-O-Call was able to consolidate all of their disparate systems using Skyware’s flexible modules increasing productivity dramatically. The hotel installed the base Property Management system in June of 2017 and intends to next use the Skyware Point-of-Sale module for its restaurant, Adelene and catering service. Port-O-Call also implemented Skyware’s automatic booking engine interface to Trip Advisor making booking reservations with the hotel over the Internet simple and easy.

Since many of the staff have been with the hotel for 10 years and some as many as 30 years, the use of the new system by the staff had to be done very well. The conversion to the new system, went smooth and Losch says his staff now likes the new system very much. According to Losch, “They were quickly and easily trained on Skyware without incident.” Losch continued, “Most important, however is that the support from Skyware is excellent!” Going into the busy season with a successful conversion to a brand new Property Management System, the entire hotel staff is enjoying the benefits and looking forward to doing more with their new systems from Skyware Hospitality Solutions.