The Academy Hotel - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Academy Hotel

The Academy Hotel Colorado Springs is a full-service, 200-room hotel located next to the South Gate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. Known for its luxurious atrium waterfalls, cozy fireside lounge and famous complimentary breakfast buffet, the hotel exhibits a warm atmosphere and is in close proximity to many well-known local tourist attractions. It offers leisure and business travelers’ comfortable accommodations, exceptional service and amenities and a great value. Just a couple of years after The Academy Hotel became independent, their search began for a new property management system. The hotel realized very early on that in order to provide exceptional customer service and have an efficient operation with minimum training requirements, it would need a full-service, class-leading property management solution. According to Shawna Rose, director of operations and marketing, a successful property management system needed to have:

  • All of The Academy Hotel’s operations supported by one integrated system
  • A web booking engine that could be easily integrated with the hotel’s websites and mobile devices
  • A point-of-sale (POS) system for the hotel’s restaurants, banquet halls, meeting rooms, room service/catering staff and convenience store
  • Comprehensive reporting tools to keep operations running smoothly and profitable
  • GDS integration capabilities and management of third party reservations

The Academy Hotel selected Skyware Hospitality Solutions as the best fit for their needs. “Mission accomplished! With Skyware, we no longer require three separate software systems to automate our operations,” explained Shawna Rose. “Skyware offers us a single, comprehensive, robust solution that can support and integrate all operations under one umbrella,” she continued. Skyware was able to provide a complete solution for the hotel by fulfilling what they were originally lacking—one all-encompassing platform that supported all functionality in one place. “Hotel staff really enjoy using the system because Skyware provides them the ability to work with multiple windows simultaneously, allowing them a smooth transition during and between tasks. This decreases guest wait time during check-in,” said Rose. The Academy Hotel saw improvements in their operations and financial savings almost immediately. A substantial amount of money was saved because there was no longer a need for separate software platforms that require annual maintenance fees. Shawna Rose explained, “After being with Skyware for almost a year, our hotel will be saving around $25,000 per year.” Skyware’s wide-ranging modules and functionality aided the hotel by permitting operations to run more efficiently and saved time and labor on manual calculations and Quickbook data entries. Skyware’s ability to manage third-party reservations delivered additional enhancements and improvements in the area of GDS/OTA, channels and revenue management. Skyware was able to do this by providing a seamless integration with the hotel’s current channel managers. With The Academy Hotel handling their own third-party channels, they no longer had to pay $2,000 in monthly GDS fees. By utilizing the application within Skyware, when the hotel needs to change a room rate, it automatically updates the room rates through all the third-party channels, saving the hotel time. The reporting tools that were the most important to The Academy Hotel included the Revenue Management tool, Source of Sale by Room Type report, Restaurant Revenue Conversions, and a Complete Forecasting report. The Complete Forecasting report, found under the list of comprehensive reporting tools, provides a more accurate forecast of the hotel’s activity by including data and information from all modules. Additionally, after implementation of the Skyware solution, The Academy Hotel was able to streamline their group sales support, saving them $15,000 per year. “Skyware provided us the information and the capabilities we needed to increase our profitability,” stated John Wilkins, owner/general manager. “We have increased returned bookings, eliminated extraneous fees, and have a happy staff using our system,” he continued. The Academy Hotel finds Skyware’s multi-module, comprehensive solution to be exceptionally beneficial and one of the best investments it has made.

“We have increased returned bookings, eliminated extraneous fees, and have a happy staff using our system.” — John Wilkins, owner/general manager